Hosting Providers come and go. Some bite off more than they can chew, some have poor management, others lose interest in the industry and aim at something else entirely. We haven't done that, and we won't any time soon. Aspiration Hosting is on it's 10th year of operation, it's a big anniversary and we know it. As such, we are providing a massive promotion to both our current and new clients. As of today you can save up to 50% on any hosting plan.

We are absolutely proud of our accomplishments in the past 10 years, in 2008 when the company was formed we never thought of what challenges may present themselves down the line. We jumped a lot of hurdles, avoided everything we hated in hosting providers and made a (albeit niche) name for ourselves by staying true to the philosophy of providing unparalleled performance and support and hoping others would notice. It worked, and we still do it today!

The promotions below provide savings to all new customers as well as our current customers looking to upgrade, this promotion will save you up to 50% and will remain available from now until August 25 2018 at 12:00AM EDT.


The Promotional Codes below are valid for our Cloud Web HostingDedicated Cloud Server and MagePlus Online Stores.

50% OFF First Monthly Payment 10TH-50OFF
50% OFF First Quarterly Payment 10TH-50OFF
50% OFF First Semi-Annually Payment 10TH-50OFF
50% OFF First Annually Payment 10TH-50OFF
30% OFF First Biennially Payment 10TH-30OFF
30% OFF First Triennially Payment 10TH-30OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the discounts valid for upgrades?

Yes, clients can enjoy the same discounts for the first billing cycle if you upgrade to a higher plan. Please do contact our Billing Department to arrange for upgrades.

Q: Are the discounts valid for renewals?

No, they are not valid for renewals.

Q: Are the discounts one-time only or recurring?

They are one-time only as recurring discounts are not sustainable for us as a business. We need to be profitable in the long-term to provide you with a stable hosting experience.

Q: Am I still eligible for the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee if I sign up under this promotion?

Yes, you are still eligible for our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Monday, June 18, 2018

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