What is Patchman?

Patchman is our Malware and Vulnerability detection system. 

It is included Free for our Cloud Web Hosting plans and it cost $20/month for our Managed/Dedicated Cloud Server plans. 

Detect and Quarantine Malware

Hackers generally hack websites to take advantage of the server's resources for spam runs, DDoS attacks, web shells, etc.

Patchman detect these malicious scripts and automatically quarantine them.

Patchman can detect and quarantine malwares regardless of the PHP applications that you use. 

Patch Vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities are regularly found in CMS's like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Patchman extracts the security fixes from new releases and backports them to all earlier versions. Safely patch your websites with confidence.

Patchman can automatically patch the following applications:-
- WordPress (version 3.x and later)
- Joomla (version 1.5.x and later)
- Drupal (version 5.x and later)
- osCommerce (version 2.2)

Support for Magento Commerce is still being worked on by the Patchman team. 

Ability to Roll Back Changes

Patchman feels like magic. We understand this might make you feel a little anxious.

Please rest assured you can roll back any change that Patchman executes.

Access Patchman's Dashboard from cPanel 

To access Patchman's dashboard, go to your cPanel --> Advanced and you will see the Patchman icon. 

Click on the icon and you will be brought to the dashboard of Patchman where you can view detections and take actions

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