How To: Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version

  • It is always recommended to perform multiple form of backups before you perform any upgrade.
  • It is possible for an upgrade to be messed up or fail if you have made any customizations to your store which includes theme, plugins, etc.
  • We recommend that the upgrade be performed by your web developer and if you do not have one, do consider hiring a professional to perform it for you.


Upgrading Magento using the MagentoConnect Manager

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using a user who has full permissions
  3. Make sure to select “Clear all sessions after successful install or upgrade”

How to upgrade from tarball installation

It is possible that you will see no extensions in MagentoConnect Manager. This means that you have just uploaded the files without using PEAR downloader. In that case enter magento-core/Mage_All_Latest in the extension key field and click Install button. This will install all latest MagentoConnect core packages on top of existing files and will allow future upgrades through MagentoConnect.

How to upgrade all available extensions

There should be at least one extension marked in yellow, which means a higher version is available on the MagentoConnect server.
  1. Click ‘Select all upgradable extensions’
  2. Click ‘Commit changes’
  3. Watch the console progress for error messages
  4. After successfully upgrading click the ‘Refresh’ button that will appear under the console frame.

How to upgrade specific extensions
  1. For each desired extension upgrade choose ‘Upgrade’ in the dropdown
  2. To upgrade Magento Core modules choose the following packages, and all required dependencies will be upgraded automatically:
    • Interface_Adminhtml_Default
    • Interface_Frontend_Default
    • Interface_Install_Default
    • Mage_Core_Adminhtml
    • Mage_Core_Modules

How to upgrade MagentoConnect Manager
  1. MagentoConnect Manager is not installed as a PEAR package by default. If you wish to upgrade it, you will first need to install it as a PEAR package.
  2. nter magento-core/Mage_Downloader in the Extension key input field and click Install.
  3. After it is installed the first time, you can upgrade it the same way as other extensions.

How to upgrade using Installatron Application Installer

You can also upgrade Magento using our Installatron Script Installer if you have used it to install Magento. It is advisable to only use this tool if you do not have addons like Themes, Modules, etc installed.
  1. Navigate to Installatron Application Installer under "Software / Services" in your cPanel.
  2. Click on My Applications and tick the script that you want to upgrade.
  3. Click "Upgrade".
  4. Choose the versions that you want to upgrade to and tick both the "Yes, create a backup before upgrading" and "Yes, I wish to upgrade this script". Click "Continue".
  5. After the proccess is finished you should have your Magento store upgraded to the latest version.
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