Dear Clients,

With the recent credit card details theft at a major US retailer and also the ever increasing identity theft, there are a high amount of fraudulent credit cards making the rounds especially for online transactions. 

As such, we have taken measures to beef up the security of our credit card processing system. 

One of the important changes is that the Postal/ZIP Code in your billing details with us must match the Postal/ZIP Code of your credit card address. 

If your Postal/ZIP Code does not match the Postal/ZIP Code of your credit card, the credit card charge will fail even if it went through in the past as we do not have a way to selectively enable or disable this security measure. 

If your Postal/ZIP Code is different from the Postal/ZIP Code of your credit card, please take time to change it at the My Details page in our Client Area:-

Thank you. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

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