Do you provide a Temporary URL?

We do not provide a temporary URL out of the box due to a security feature we implement which will restrict all files to be accessible only through the hosting account's own domains.

As such, it is recommended for you to use a full qualified / proper domain name to develop your website.

There are a few ways where you can set this up:-

Temporary Domain Name

If you have any domains that are not in use, you can add them as a Alias (Parked) Domain in your cPanel which can be used as a temporary domain name to develop your website.


You can use the subdomain of your main domain as the development domain for your site.

To achieve this:-

  • Create a subdomain (eg. "") at your cPanel with us.
  • Create the same subdomain at the old host or domain registrar.
  • Setup an "A Record" for the subdomain to point to your Shared or Dedicated IP with us. You can find this in the left bar of your cPanel with us.

Host Entry

You can add a host entry with the instructions here: Add a Host Entry

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