What are the difference between the SSL Certificates?

Brand Recognition
Some products and brands are more popular than the rest and the same goes for SSL Certificates.
Many end users are very used to popular SSL Certificates like GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium or GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID which comes with their iconic SSL Site Seal.
The more common a SSL Certificate is used by popular websites, the more end users will recognize them and this gives them confidence when shopping in the website with a popular SSL Certificate. 

SSL Site Seal
The Site Seal for RapidSSL is Static (cannot be clicked) while the Site Seal for QuickSSL Premium, TrueBusiness ID, TrueBusiness ID (EV) and Symantec Secure Site (EV) are Dynamic (can be clicked and your website profile will show up).

Multi-Domain and Wildcard
Multi-Domain SSL Certificates allow you to secure multiple domains or subdomains while Wildcard SSL Certificates allow you to secure all the subdomains of a single domain.

Extended Validation
SSL Certificates like GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID (EV) and Symantec Secure Site (EV) include Extended Validation where a green bar will show up in the web browser and it will include your company name.
This SSL Certificate will require organization validation which means that you will need to provide your organization formation documents to GeoTrust for validation before the SSL Certificate can be issued.
It is the most secure SSL Certificate which is used extensively by banks worldwide. 

Issuance Time
Domain Validated (DV) SSL will be issued within minutes, Organization Validated (OV) SSL will be issued within 1 - 3 days after business verification and Extended Validated (EV) SSL will be issued within 1 - 10 days after business verification. 

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