What is LiteSpeed Cache?

LiteSpeed Cache, also known as LiteSpeed Dynamic Content Cache is a server level caching system which helps improve performance for websites with high traffic.

LiteSpeed Cache has similar features as Apache mod_cache but implemented in a more efficient way, and works like Varnish. It is an output cache for dynamic contents, so the usage does not limit to PHP pages. Unlike Varnish, it is built into LiteSpeed Web Server, eliminating one layer of reverse proxy and hence more efficient for static contents.

We have excluded certain URL patterns (which should not be cached, like admin, checkout, etc) from being cached by LiteSpeed Cache.

If any client faces an issue where LiteSpeed Cache is caching any part of their website which should not be cached, please do get in touch with us to have this worked out.

Disabling LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache can be disabled if it interferes with your website's operation or if you are still developing the website. 

1. On a per-directory basis by adding the following lines to the directory’s “.htaccess” file:-

RewriteRule (.*) - [E=Cache-Control:no-cache]

2. Adding the following to the PHP header file:-

(‘X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control: no-cache’ );

3. Contact us and we can disable it for your domain at the server level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Disabling LiteSpeed Cache will cause LiteMage Cache to not work. 

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