What SPF Record should I use for SpamExperts?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Record is a simple email validation system to improve email delivery rate and reduce the chance of your emails going to Spam or Junk mailboxes. 

With SpamExperts implementation, we will have just a single SPF Record to cover all Cloud Web Hosting servers and Managed/Dedicated Cloud Servers. 

If you do not have any SPF Record setup in the past, you should set it up with the following:-
v=spf1 a:spf.aspirationhosting.net -all

If you already have a SPF Record, you just need to add a:spf.aspirationhosting.net to your exisiting record. 

If you are unsure whether you have a SPF Record setup or if you need assistance in setting it up, feel free to contact our Technical Support Department

Where do I setup the SPF Record? 

If you have a Web Hosting account, SPF Record is usually setup within your cPanel --> Authentication --> Additional Hosts that send mail for your domains (A). 

If you have a Cloud Managed/Dedicated Cloud Server, SPF Record is usually setup in your Anycast DNS in our Client Area. 

If you do not use our nameservers, your DNS record is being controlled elsewhere and you will need to setup the SPF Record at your DNS control panel. 

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