Why is my outgoing email blocked by SpamExperts?

There are a lot of reasons on why an outgoing email can be blocked by SpamExperts. 

The following are the main reasons (except if the message is outright SPAM) an email can be blocked. 

1. Invalid Sender Email Address

Please make sure that you only use valid email address as "Sender" as SpamExperts will reject emails sent from email addresses that do not exist. 

This is because most, if not all SPAM emails are sent with fake email addresses that do not exist and by implementing this rule, we can cut down a whole lot of Outgoing SPAM emails from our network. 

2. URLs in Message Content is Blacklisted

Most SPAM emails will include a link to a website which has been compromised and is being used to host the spammer's "payload". 

These compromised websites are usually blacklisted in public blacklists so if your email contain links to these blacklisted websites, it will be blocked by SpamExperts. 

3. Dangerous Contents in Your Attachment

We actively block emails with attachment that contains executable files as they are considered as dangerous contents which can be used to spread virus and malware. 

File extensions that we restrict: apk (Android), app (Mac OS X), bat (Windows), btm (Windows), cmd (Windows), com (Windows), cpl (Windows), dll (Windows), dmg (Mac OS X), exe (Windows), ipa (iOS), lnk (Windows), msi (Windows), pif (Windows), pkg (Mac OS X), prf (Windows), reg (Windows), scr (Windows), url (Windows), vbs (Windows)

If you think your email is being blocked by SpamExperts, feel free to contact our Technical Support Department and we will be glad to look into it for you. 

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