Do I need a SSL Certificate?

SSL is No Longer Optional in 2017
Starting from 2017, a SSL Certificate is no longer optional for your website. Regardless of what type of website you are running, not having a SSL Certificate will result in your website being penalized by major web browsers.


A SSL Certificate will help to encrypt the connection between your website and your customer's web browser.
This will prevent any information exchange from being intercepted, which can happen when they are using an insecure internet connection like a public WiFi or if they have virus or malware in their computer.
This is especially important in your Login and Checkout page. 

A SSL Certificate will instill confidence in clients and make them feel secure when shopping in your website.
They will feel safer when they can see and click on your SSL Site Seal, which can be viewed in our SSL Certificate page.

Google Search Result Ranking
Google recently announced that they will take HTTPS into account when they determine a website's ranking in their search results. 
As such, having a SSL Certificate will help in your search engine ranking. 

Performance Improvements
HTTPS websites can take advantage of HTTP/2 which is a much faster technology than the older HTTP/1. Our servers fully support HTTP/2 so once your SSL Certificate is setup for your website, you can start enjoying HTTP/2 without the need to do anything else!
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