Enable SSH Access

Secure Shell (SSH) Access is available free of charge* for our Cloud Web Hosting and Managed/Dedicated Cloud Server. 

Cloud Web Hosting

To enable SSH Access, please head over to our Client Area --> Services --> View Details --> Upgrade/Downgrade Options.

Managed/Dedicated Cloud Server

To enable SSH Access, please head over to your WHM --> Modify an Account --> Shell Access.

SSH Login Details

Once enabled, you can use the following details to access SSH:-

  • Host: Your Domain or Server Hostname
  • SSH Port: 3879 (Important!)
  • Username: cPanel Username
  • Password: cPanel Password

SSH Applications

If you are using a Windows computer, you can download the popular "PuTTY" application to access SSH. 

If you are using a macOS (OS X) or a Linux computer, you can use the built-in "Terminal" application to access SSH.

* SSH Access for the Legacy Aspire/Desire plans cost $1.00/month or $12.00/year.

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