Obtain A Dedicated IP

A Dedicated IP is only needed if you want to install a SSL Certificate. 

  • Monthly Price: $4.00
  • Yearly Price: $40.00


To obtain a Dedicated IP, please submit a ticket to our Billing Department with the title "Request for Dedicated IP" with the following content:-

  • Hosting Account Domain:
  • Billing Cycle: Monthly | Yearly
  • SSL Ready: Yes | No



  • We will only allow the use of a Dedicated IP for SSL certificate installation purpose.
  • You will need to have the SSL certificate ready before you can request for the Dedicated IP to be provisioned.
  • Each hosting account can only have one Dedicated IP.
  • We will process your request for a Dedicated IP within 24 hours.
  • During the provisioning of a Dedicated IP, it may cause some downtime due to DNS propagation of the new IP.
  • You can install a SSL Certificate without the need of a Dedicated IP as our servers support SNI
  • As such, Dedicated IPs are not offered for our Managed/Dedicated Cloud Server and non-US Cloud Web Hosting plans. 
  • Email, SSL
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