Awstats is a web site analysis tool you can use to view the number of visitors to your web site, their activity including page view, reports on keywords used to reach your web site, and many other available reports that can help you monitor your web site's overall activity. You can learn more about Awstats by visiting


Viewing Awstats Web Site Traffic Statistics

Awstats web site traffic statistics are specific to each domain you have setup on your web site. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. When the "Awstats Stats" page loads, you will see a two-column "Select a Domain" table consisting of the following information:
    • Domain - This entry contains the domains you have setup on your web site.
    • View - Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the web site statistics for the associated domain using Awstats.
  2. When the page loads, Awstats automatically loads the current month's web site data. You can change the month and year by selecting the dates from the drop down menus, then click on the OK button to reload the web site statistical data for the month/year you selected.
  3. After selecting your month and year, you can view the "Summary" section containing total sums of the following:
    • Unique visitors
    • Number of visits
    • Pages
    • Hits
    • Bandwidth
  4. The next section shows you a Monthly history of your web site's statistical data including every month over the last twelve month period. Continue on down the page to the days of the month chart. There are many other statistical reports available such as the number of visits and page views per url on your web site, the types of operating systems visitors are using when visiting your web site, and search engine keywords used to find your web site. It even includes a report on how many links are coming from various search engines and links coming from other web sites.
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