The Visitors function will provide useful information on the last 300 people that have accessed or visited your web site.

NOTE: If your web site or the associated domain you choose to view visitor information on has not received 300 visitors, it will only show the number of visitors who have actually accessed or visited your web site.


Viewing The Latest Visitors Stats

The "Latest Visitor Stats" is specific to each domain you have setup on your web site. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. When the "Latest Visitor Stats" page loads, you will see a two-column "Select a Domain" table consisting of the following information:
    • Domain - This entry contains the domains you have setup on your web site.
    • View - Click on the "magnifying glass" icon to view the last 300 visitors to your web site for the associated Domain.
  2. Once you have chosen the domain you want to view the last 300 visitors for in Step 1 above, the next page will list sections based on the "Host" IP address. Each section will show the information listed below:
    • Host - The host will be the IP address of the visitor that accessed your web site.
    • Http code - An "http code" is the status of the directory or file the visitor is trying to view. To view a complete list of codes and what each code means, please visit
    • Date - The "date" shows the month, day, and time the visitor viewed the directory or file on your web site.
    • Http Version - The http version is the latest version supported by the w3 organization. To learn more about http version, please visit
    • Size in Bytes - The "size in bytes" refers to the amount of space the directory or file is using on your web site.
    • Referer - The "referer" is the url of the web site or location the visitor clicked on prior to visiting the directory or file.
    • Agent - An "agent" is the browser type and its related information.
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