Request for Website Transfer

We can transfer your website over from your old host.

To request for a transfer please open a ticket with 24x7 Technical Support department with the title "Request for Website Transfer" and with the following information:-

  • Hosting Control Panel URL or IP of your old host
  • Hosting Control Panel Username of your old host
  • Hosting Control Panel Password of your old host
  • SSH Access of your old host (if old host is not using cPanel)
  • MySQL Username and Password (if old host is not using cPanel)



  • It may take up to 24 or 48 hours for the transfer to be completed.
  • The transfer may be delayed if insufficient information is provided and/or there are any disruptions or issues with your old host.
  • If your old host is using cPanel, we can move the whole account over including email accounts, FTP accounts, etc.
  • If your old host is using any other hosting control panel, only the files and database will be moved over. This will also take a longer time to complete since the move will be done manually. 
  • If your old host is not using cPanel and you are not using Magento, we may require that you update your script's configuration file yourself to reflect any new MySQL Database, Username and Password details.
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