We recently introduced two important features to make SSL Certificates installation easier than ever - AutoInstall SSL and Let's Encrypt SSL.

With AutoInstall SSL, the whole setup and installation process for a DV SSL Certificate will be completed within minutes and you no longer have to deal with those annoying email verification!

With Let's Encrypt SSL, you can setup and install a free SSL Certificate and have it auto renew every 3 months in your cPanel.

Free or Paid SSL?

The comparison in our SSL Certificate page should clearly show you the pros and cons of various SSL Certificates.

The free Let's Encrypt SSL is recommended only if you want to have a HTTPS website without other benefits as it does not have much brand recognition at all and it does not come with any Warranty or Site Seal.

The paid SSL Certificates that we offer are more affordable than before as a Dedicated IP is no longer included. Our servers fully support SNI so you will not need a Dedicated IP to install a SSL Certificate.

Benefit of SSL Certificate or HTTPS

A SSL Certificate is a must have if you are selling online as that gives your website visitors confidence in your store, especially if you have a paid SSL Certificate with a proper SSL Site Seal.

Besides that, having a HTTPS website will also improve your SEO as Google is now taking them into account when deciding on search engine rankings.

Finally, having HTTPS will also improve your website's loading speed as our servers fully support HTTP/2, which offers better browser performance over the legacy HTTP/1 that is used on HTTP pages. You will be able to enjoy the improvements of HTTP/2 as soon as you implement HTTPS for your website.

Setup your Website with HTTPS

After installing your SSL Certificate, you will need to setup your website with HTTPS.

If you are using our Aspiration CDN, make sure you re-create a new CDN Resource with HTTPS too.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

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