Why is the Cloud Server more expensive than other Cloud providers?

From the looks of it, our Cloud Server may seem more expensive than other Cloud providers. 

However, unlike other Cloud providers, our Cloud Server is a complete solution where everything that you need has been included. Most of the other providers will offer you a barebone Cloud where you will need to pay more for essential software, support, backup, etc. 

The following extras are included without extra cost in our Cloud Server:-
  • Complete Server Management with Managed Security
  • Free Daily Backups (R1Soft for 10 Days and MySQL Backup for 30 Days)
  • Free Web Development Support (Priceless!)
  • Free Aspiration CDN ($1,200.00/year Value)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Anycast DNS ($10.00/year Value)
  • cPanel/WHM Control Panel ($240.00/year Value)
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server License ($384.00/year Value)
  • LiteMage Cache Starter License ($72.00/year Value)
  • KernelCare Rebootless Kernel ($47.40/year Value)
  • Installatron Application Installer ($30.00/year Value)
  • Softaculous Application Installer ($18.00/year Value)
  • Email, SSL
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